When creating a database of instructional videos, the goal is to stimulate thoughts and ideas of the viewer regarding sports performance and exercise. Rather than using recreational language to describe human movement; the purpose is to educate its audience to become more familiar with functional anatomy. If athletes understand more about how they move they will have a better chance of training with a purpose. Every day the media highlights how individuals are trying to gain an advantage over their opponents. The recent mentality is train “HARDER” in order to achieve this elusive advantage. What happens when harder isn’t the answer? Why not also train “SMARTER” than your opponent? This will allow each individual training session to be more productive leaving more time for skill training.


In pursuit of my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology (Biomechanics) at the University of Tennessee my classes have exposed me to a number of different topics. These classes have created the foundation which I used in developing this project.


Dr. Clare Milner:
KNS- 515 – Qualitative Analysis of Human Movement
KNS- 513 – Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury

Dr. Songning Zhang:
KNS- 531 – Principles in Biomechanics
KNS- 634 – Advanced Instrumentation in Biomechanics

Dr. Dawn P. Coe:
KNS- 567 – Exercise Testing and Prescription
KNS- 593 – Independent Research (Pregnancy Fitness)


















Dynamic Flexibility











Plyometrics & Speed Drills





Rotator Cuff & Scapular Stability






Upper Back





These videos are meant for educational purposes only, please do not attempt any physical activity unless granted permission by your exercise professional. The exercises demonstrated in each video should only be performed under the direct supervision of an exercise professional. Any attempt at performing such exercises is done at your own risk.